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The Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the pinnacle of smartphones. Now you can communicate in over 8 different languages, run two apps at the same time, safely use your phone while driving, create personalized photo stories and more. From getting more out of your social life to getting more out of the workday, the possibilities of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 are infinite.
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Adapt Display
The 5-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED screen displays beautiful cinematic pictures. With the new Adapt Display, the screen automatically adjusts resolution and brightness to give you the best quality for the type of media you’re watching. So whether you’re streaming an HD video or reviewing photos of you and your friends, you’ll always see the perfect picture.
Group Play
Now you and all of your friends can share a single experience with the help of the Group Play feature. Group Play enables a unique connection with up to 10 different devices so you and those around you can all share the same content on separate screens. So whether it’s a great song or video, or even a document between co-workers, everyone gets to experience it at the same time.
Story Album
Organize your photos according to how you want. The Story Album feature knows when you’ve been traveling and, if you take a lot of photos at the same time and location, it will send you a notification suggesting that you create a new album. Once you’ve decided on a name and a cover photo, the Galaxy S4 will put your photos together in a personalized package that’s easy to upload to social networks and share.
Smart Pause & Scroll
The Galaxy S4 knows when your eyes are looking at the screen and moves along with you. Smart Scroll knows when your eyes reach the bottom of a page and automatically scrolls for you. And when you’re watching a video and you’re forced to look away, Smart Pause will automatically pause what you’re watching. When you’re ready to return, you simply look back at the screen and it will begin playing again.

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Dual Camera
The new 13 MP Dual Camera brings the photographer into the action. Whether you’re using ChatON for HD video chat or Dual Shot to take a photo of both you and what’s in front of you, Dual Camera captures photos like nothing before.
S Translator
The Galaxy S4 is also a great travel companion thanks to the new S Translator feature. Speak or type what you want to say and the phone can translate it in over seven different languages. So even when you travel to a foreign country, you’ll always be in the conversation.
S Health
The new S Health feature on the Galaxy S4 can actually get you into shape and help you stay there. S Health helps you track your diet and exercise so you can train and stay in peak physical condition.
Drama Shot
Now you can get a sequence of photos in a single frame to create a collage of action in one photo. Drama Shot lets you take a series of pictures of a moving object and then put them together in one photo. You’ll be able to see the detailed action seamlessly merge into one dynamic photo.
Eraser Shot
With the Galaxy S4, photo bombers beware. Eraser Shot detects unwanted movement from your photos as you take them and gives you the option to remove them completely.
Animated Photo
Now you can instantly create your own animated gifs and post them online. The Galaxy S4’s Animated Photo feature allows you to shoot a short video, choose the frames you’d like to animate and trim the beginning and end to create an instant classic.
From text messaging and screen sharing to customized video conversations, the Galaxy S4’s ChatON feature does it all. It’s the easiest way to communicate between devices and allows you to choose the method. So whether it’s a group text between friends, a video conference call or something you found online that you need to share, ChatON caters to you. You can also use some of the new features like background change and the funny mask effect for a unique chatting experience.

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Air View
The Galaxy S4’s Air View and Air Gesture allow you to quickly access your most important features without even touching the phone. By simply waving your finger overtop of a folder, Air View allows you to preview the files inside. And with Smart Gesture, you can easily answer phone calls by simply waving your hand over the screen.
Multi Window
Thanks to the Galaxy S4’s Multi Window you can do two things at once. The innovative split-screen function allows you to use two applications at the same time on the same screen. So now you can watch a video while you look up directions, or message your friends while you book a vacation.
Air Gesture
With the Galaxy S4 you can interact with the touchscreen interface - even when you’ve got your hands full. When activated, Air Gesture allows you to control the phone without even touching the screen. A simple wave of your hand will answer calls, help you browse the web, and even change music tracks.
S Voice Drive
Now you can make calls, answer calls and even ask for directions, all with both hands on the wheel. S Voice Drive mode lets you safely stay in contact while driving. If you’re anticipating an important call and you know you’re going to be on the road, simply switch your phone to S Voice Drive mode to access a simpler interface and voice-activated controls.
Optical Reader
Don’t have time to create a new contact? Now thanks to the Galaxy S4’s Optical Reader all you need to do is take a photo of a business card. The camera app will recognize elements in the photo like phone numbers and email addresses and add them to your contacts without you having to type a thing.
Hardware Excellence
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Powered by a Quad Core Processor with 1.9 GHz of computing speed, this smartphone can handle just about everything you can throw at it. Whether it’s running multiple apps at the same time or editing large media files, the Galaxy S4 has the strength you need and the speed you want. And with the 2600 mAh battery it’s reliable throughout the whole day.

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Smart Switch:
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Smart Switch makes moving all of your personal files over to a Galaxy S4 simpler than you can imagine. This new app allows you to transfer files from your old phone to your PC, then transfer those files from your computer straight to your Galaxy S4.
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Samsung Hubs:
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Easy Mode:
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The new Easy Mode removes any apprehension of switching by creating a simple, classic interface. It even replaces your settings interface with Easy Settings to help you make the Galaxy S4 your own.
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